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AC Repair

We provide AC installation and HVAC systems into a vast range of commercial buildings, home Ac installations.

Painting Works

Choosing the right painters for our home & workplace is essential to us. And the easiest way to pick the most excellent paint colors is to start with our simple color engine.

Plumbing Works

Plumbing services is the whole system of piping, fixtures, applications for providing water supply or drainage to the buildings with the use of pipes, control valves, pipe layouts, storage tanks, etc.

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Sahab Technical Services

As repair and maintenance specialists, SAHAB Maintenance is dedicated to providing top quality technical service for both residential & commercial properties. Our aim is to use our experience, hard work and dedication to provide you with the highest level of service possible, in every project we undertake. Providing complete project management with no hassle, however large or small your job. We focus on providing you with outstanding customer service and technical expertise, through our highly professional and experienced workforce. We are proud of the relationships we build up with our clients and believe this is why our company achieves the outstanding results to date.

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